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Wellness Federal Credit Union helps kids on their way into surgery!

In August, our friends at Wellness Federal Credit Union generously donated a motorized tractor to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center for our patients to ride into their surgery room. Connecticut Children’s Medical Center has 7 operating rooms in the main hospital and 2 suites at the Ambulatory Surgery Center in Farmington. Over 10,000 surgeries were performed on children here at CT Children’s last year and each child gets the choice of their mode of transportation into the operating room. This is the 4th year in a row Wellness FCU has supported the Medical Center with an in-kind gift of a motorized vehicle. Additionally, they have been a great partner of the Medical Center since 2000 and have donated over $27,700 to CT Children’s in that time period. Thank you Wellness Federal Credit Union for your continued support in our mission to get Connecticut’s children as healthy as possible.


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