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In Memoriam: Tim Haegelin

Tim Haegelin, retired president and CEO of Generations Federal Credit Union, passed away on Oct. 27, 2020.

Haegelin has a 49-year history with the credit union industry when he retired in 2012. He joined Generations FCU (formerly the San Antonio City Employees Federal Credit Union) in 1980 as associate manager, taking the helm as president and CEO in 1984. Previously, Haegelin served as president and CEO of Central Texas Catholic Credit Union from 1967 to 1979. He also worked with other credit unions prior to that time.

Tim was a leader in pushing the boundaries for the industry to be socially responsible in their communities. One of his crowning achievements is helping create the Credit Unions for Kids program and guiding it for years. This program grew to become one of the industry’s ‘charity of choices’ and one of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals top fundraising initiatives.

Nancy Croix-Stroud, President/CEO at First Class American Credit Union says, “Tim’s vision and passion for children and their families was shown in 1986 when he first started working with CMN Hospitals and founded CU4Kids. In fact, he’s viewed as the ‘Father of CU4Kids.’ Tim was instrumental in sharing his vision and passion, which did great things for Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital in San Antonio. It went further than just his local community, in 1996 credit unions nationwide adopted CU4Kids as their children’s charity of choice. Since then, the program has raised almost $150 million for CMN Hospitals and their local children’s hospitals across North America. The vision and leadership came naturally to Tim from desire to help these children obtain better healthcare and improve their lives. Credit Unions and CU4Kids will miss Tim and his leadership for this program.”

Sarah Canepa Bang worked closely with Tim and added, “Working with Tim Haegelin on the Credit Unions for Kids advisory board was an honor. His humble devotion was heartfelt. Being around him was inspiring and made me want to be better.”

Partly due to his efforts in creating Credit Unions for Kids, Tim was honored with the Herb Wegner Lifetime Achievement Award. Click here to view his recognition video.

In the video, Dr. Richard Wayne, Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor University said, “Tim’s brainchild has impacted hundreds of thousands of children and families all across the United States.”

Credit Unions for Kids and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals offer its deepest appreciation for Tim’s life and condolences for his passing.