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Engage Your Employees with Advanced Payroll Giving Tech!

New Tools Help Employees Meet Their Charity-Giving Goals

Credit Unions for Kids (CU4Kids) is developing new tools to help credit unions make their Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals employee giving campaigns more convenient, engaging and successful through the use of custom fundraising sites and advanced payroll giving technology.

Employees are the heart of credit union charitable giving, and all industries. Together, employee giving campaigns raised $4 billion for nonprofits annually – and in turn generate loyalty and goodwill in the workplace. In a 2017 Cone Communications study, 74 percent of employees said their jobs were more fulfilling when they were provided an opportunity to make a positive impact at work. An overwhelming 85 percent of employees say making a meaningful difference is a key motivator for engagement on the job.

Employees appreciate corporate social responsibility efforts and welcome the opportunity to contribute: 71 percent say they would participate or volunteer for a charitable partner or event if they were asked by their employers.

Working with FrontStream, CU4Kids is introducing tools that will enable credit unions to launch, promote and manage employee giving using customized sites on FrontStream’s Panorama platform. Among the most useful new features is the ability to offer payroll donations. Employees can choose one-time or recurring contributions, made sustainably and effortlessly using advanced payroll technology.

By strengthening the employee giving component of their Children’s Miracle Network fundraising, credit unions can increase annual contribution amounts – and the impact these contributions have for local kids and their families. But equally, an effective employee giving campaign helps engage employees, encourages them to achieve their personal goals for charitable giving, creates a cohesive CSR effort and reinforces a credit union’s identity as a community-minded organization. Employees drive charitable giving in the workplace. With new tools to make contributing easier, their efforts can go farther.


To learn more about CU4Kids’ new tools for employee giving, contact Nick Coleman at Or visit the employee giving campaign page at