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Credit Unions for Kids Enhances Collaboration and Advocacy

Credit Unions for Kids (CU4Kids), an initiative of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, has been the charity of choice for credit unions over the past 22 years. This strong partnership is due to many reasons, one of the main being the collaboration that CU4Kids brings to credit unions in states, regions, and across the country.

In a recent interview at the MAXX conference, Troy Stang, NWCUA President/CEO, says, “An Association is only as good as the participation.” Stang later goes on to describe how he’s gotten CU4Kids to play a major role in the Northwest Credit Union Association participation, “There is a connectivity here between credit union leaders coming together [to support] Credit Unions for Kids and you teach the behavior of doing things together in an environment that nobody can say no to… so when you call them together as an association, as an industry, for advocacy and public awareness, they’ve learned behaviors on how to work together to set common goals and how to deliver on common goals.”

Stang also recognizes that CU4Kids is an important partner with credit unions because “you can be a member family with a beautiful financial plan and yet we are all only one medical emergency away from financial hardship so the CU4Kids initiative touches at the heart and soul of good financial management.” He says there is not one member that does not have a connection to a family/friend that has been impacted by their local children’s hospital.

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