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Children’s Hospital Healthcare Workers Receive PPE and Appreciation Party from Oklahoma’s Credit Union


On Sunday, April 26th, the Emergency Room night shift employees of Children’s Hospital at OU Medicine were treated to a pizza and popcorn party by Oklahoma’s Credit Union. The entire staff of Children’s Hospital at OU Medicine staff received functional PPE donations sponsored by Oklahoma’s Credit Union and manufactured by local entrepreneurs. Helping local healthcare workers while supporting locally-owned businesses and entrepreneurs was an example of “Okies Helping Okies”, a community-strengthening initiative created by Oklahoma’s Credit Union during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Due to Coronavirus related-changes, the Emergency Room night shift workers at Children’s Hospital have limited access to late night food options in the Innovation District. Oklahoma’s Credit Union gave pizza and popcorn to the workers. Danielle Birseno, Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner, delivered the items to her coworkers on the night shift.  Gourmet popcorn was purchased from Oklahoma Gourmet Popcorn. Pizza was purchased from Empire Slice House, a locally-owned pizzeria located in the Plaza District.

Healthcare workers experience ear pain from wearing constrictive face masks during shifts oftentimes exceeding 12 hours. The PPE mask extenders donated by Oklahoma’s Credit Union were manufactured by Ian and Hailey McDermind, owners of The Pump Bar and Grill and The Bunker Club. The McDermids utilize 3D printers and plastic filament to produce the mask extender straps for use by healthcare workers in Oklahoma County. Demand from EMSA EMT professionals and many OU Medicine healthcare workers for the mask extender straps is increasing daily because the extender straps immediately release mask pressure.


Oklahoma’s Credit Union is dedicated to supporting the Children’s Hospital Foundation through volunteerism, fundraisers and donations. Due to Coronavirus-related social distancing, the 2020 Sugar and Spurs fundraiser supporting Credit Unions for Kids was canceled yet OKCU created a way to directly assist Children’s Hospital healthcare workers.  Providing appreciation and PPE to healthcare workers while supporting small businesses are examples of how Oklahoma’s Credit Union is happy to help the local community.

Oklahoma’s Credit Union is represented on the Children’s Hospital Foundation Board of Advocates and the Children’s Hospital Foundation Task Force by Lori Ford, Business Development Specialist at OKCU.